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Despite having a full schedule with all my ceramics classes and getting in as much cycling as possible before winter sets in, I’ve managed to keep new wall works coming along.  Here is a studio snapshot of bisqued clay components for the soon to be assembled works that I’m making for Craft Alliance.


looking back to grad sculpture

I graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2013 with a MFA in ceramics, however I had some of the most profound experiences in Thad Duhigg’s sculpture studio.  He allowed me to realize how important material choices are within the work, and how materials and their use can carry much of the content.  Here is a snap from a critique in the brand new gallery at SIUE, 2013. I wish I had some detail shots, but the work is comprised of welded steel, pigmented concrete, perforated hardboard, OSB, MDF, pine, and plywood.


a new one

I’ve been calling this series of rectilinear forms Architectonic.  This one is in Pigmented Concrete, Polished Brass, Oak, and Ceramic.


Dismantle @ Reese Gallery

The show at Reese Gallery is about to come down, but I’ve had a chance to reflect on the experience.  First it should be said that St. Louis has a small but fantastic group of “clay people.”  I was really excited to see a lot of the group come out for the opening – if you’re reading this and were there, thank you!  Another massive thanks to Ruth Reese and her partner Tim for hosting the show.  Again, wonderful people to work with.  It should also be stated that Ruth has a great understanding for curation, and pairing Rafael and myself was nothing short of genius.  We all had a great night at the opening and I hope that Rafael and myself will show together again in the future.  Here are a couple shots from the show:

Finder_Dismantle2 Finder_Dismantle1


I hope you saw me at Schlafly Art Outside!

This was the first “art fair” I’ve participated in since grad school and it went over really well!  I’ve done this event in the past but always shared a tent with my grad school friends. It was a new experience doing it solo, and I think my quiet work benefited from the solo presentation.  The next place to find my work here in St. Louis will hopefully be at the Rock ‘n roll Craft Show.  Stay Tuned.


Dismantle: Phillip Finder & Rafael E. Vera @ Reese Gallery

I’m very excited to show a series of new sculptures with Rafael E. Vera at the Reese Gallery this August. The opening reception will take place from 6-9pm on August 15th.  The Reese Gallery is located at 3410 Wisconsin Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118.  I’ll also be giving an artist talk the following day beginning at 1pm.  I hope to see you there!E-vite_Dismantle
Here is a sneak peak from production of the sculptures!



interview posted by MDBA

Earlier this year I was delighted to be contacted my MDBA (Manufactured Design By Architects), a design and architecture firm out of Barcelona.  They have an excellent online round-up of artists and craftspeople that they feature with an interview.  Recently they posted the interview I had with them about my practice as a clay artist- with photos.  Check it out here!


a few new ones…

I was able to get another firing through just before the CAM open studios tour.  Here are some of the results including a new pigmented slip surface that I’m really enjoying.Finder_VaseBowlGroup Finder_PotteryGroup2 Finder_LargeBowl1Finder_WhiteBowlGroup

CAM open studios 2014

I want to invite everyone in the Saint Louis area to come out on Sunday, June 29th for the Contemporary Art Museum Open Studios tour.  I’ll be opening up my shop for the day between 11-5pm.  Additionally, my friends from Community Supported Art Saint Louis (csastl.org) will be on site spreading the word about their new program designed to create a platform for meeting artists and buying their work easier for everyone.  Their program is modeled after local agriculture CSA programs.  I look forward to seeing everyone!  openstudios-stl.orgScreen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.42.29 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.06.19 AM

a new look at teapots

In the spring semester I worked with one of my advanced ceramics students in taking on the challenge of creating a series of teapots.  His passion for the project was contagious and quickly I too was captivated by the challenge in making functional teapots that seemed relevant to my other clay work.  I was looking for simplicity in form and features, balance between the spout and handle, and a surface that could offer interest and remain quiet.  I fired the work to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere and then sandblasted the surfaces.Finder_TeapotDetail2Finder_TeapotDetail1Finder_Teapot1