Revisiting the Thesis Show


To see this concrete piece installed at Mad Art Gallery revitalized my interest in the concept.  A direct formal language that hints toward the representation of familiar household furniture while remaining somewhere between actual function and the presentation of form and material.  More to come…

Workshop Progress


It seems like everyday I put in time working on the shop but progress is slow.  Most of my equipement has been purchused from craigslist and fixed up, which is the primary reason that I’m not up and running yet.  From left to right you see: sandblast cabinet, ceiling insulation, dead flat work table with storage, tool chest (my dad’s), brent potters wheel, table saw, jointer, work bench with grinding wheel, kilns off in the distance, and dust collector.

Wall Work Development


The latest form of my wall based work uses concrete as a “ground.”  I’m finding this solution more satisfing as the “background” is actually an intergral part of the composition.  This piece uses three different clays, pigmented concrete, steel and brass.




Arrangments like this come and go in my apartment.  I learn new things about old stuff just by moving these objects around.  Life=Art


New Shop in Progress!

I started “construction” earlier this summer on my first dedicated workshop space.  This old garage was all boarded up.  After discovering the original windows fairly intact underneith the old rotted plywood, I became obsessed with bringing it back to life!  This photo is the end result of 4 days of work fixing the old windows and painting everything grey-blue.  The structure is in remarkable shape compared to other similar garages in the neighborhood.  I still need to finish the electricity, install insulation in the roof, get the ventalation set-up, fix the old kilns I found on craigslist, build a spray booth, fix the air compressor, tune the table saw, find a mig welder, build a welding table, install the heater…I guess I have a way to go.  Stay tuned for interior shots!