Composing a Visual Conversation:

Through the making of craft objects, I examine new modernism. The term, new modernism, refers to our culture’s collective interest in re-adopting modernist design principles. I suspect the resurgence of these principles and interest in simplicity, clarity, and order is due to our unprecedented appetite for media consumption and the acceptance of over stimulated lifestyles. My work responds as a calm counterbalance to this new reality.

The formal language I use supports the notion of clarity, where emphasis is placed on refinement and order. Embellishments in form are minimized, and surfaces favor and reflect the making process over ornament or decoration. Intentionally, subtle elements of disorder remain to juxtapose modes of precision- a tension that excites an otherwise minimal object. I apply these ideas to both ceramic pottery and sculptural objects made from clay, wood, pigmented concrete, metal and other media commonly used in the built environment around us. Through my work, I aim to deliver a carefully considered and unique sense of modernity by way of the handcrafted object.

In the spring of 2013 I completed a thesis paper titled, Composing a Visual Conversation.  This work allowed me to clarify what I do as an artist and why my work is relevant today.  This writing continues to guide my work and bring focus to my creative exploration.  For anyone interested in learning more about my work, my inspiration, my process, and generally more about my path as an artist, this paper can be read here: Composing a Visual Conversation